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Dave Gutierrez, CEO Services

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Seth David, Nerd Enterprises

Attention Accountants & Bookkeepers!

Do you hate doing 1099s as much as every other accountant and bookkeeper does?

Isn’t this the last thing you want to do coming off of your holiday vacation?

And now you only have this month to do it in!

Are you spending hours mapping vendors and expense accounts to be sure they come up on the right reports, only to find something was missed?

We can offer you a faster, easier way to get your 1099s done, error-free!

Billbeez 1099 Helper grabs your data from QuickBooks Online and gives you the information for everyone who was paid more than $600 in a click!

Moreover, the data exports in a format compatible with Track1099, so you can import this instantly.

My name is Seth David and I work with Billbeez on product development and a few other things! Billbeez is a product that has been created by former Ernst & Young accountants and consultants from Intuit and Paypal.

As for me, you may have seen me on stage at accounting tech conferences like QuickBooks Connect, or perhaps you’ve seen my videos on YouTube.

I’m an accountant and a small business owner who knows how precious time is, and if you’re anything like me, then you hate doing 1099s, because they provide no value to the business, and they take up a lot of time. I’ve been working with my friends here at Billbeez on a feature that will take the pain out of filing 1099s.

How about a button that produces a CSV file that is ready to import into a 1099 e-filing service like Track1099?

Most of the information will come right out of QuickBooks Online, but for security reasons, we cannot pull Tax ID information.

Moreover, this information is already in Track1099 and any W9s you need for this purpose.

Here’s how you can get that information into your export file very quickly.

Try It Out
(30 days free trial)
Try It Out
(30 days free trial)

You’re going to find out that there is a lot more to Billbeez than getting 1099s filed lightning-fast, but first, let’s get those 1099s out of the way.

This feature is included with your existing Billbeez account, which you can try free for 30 days.

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You don’t need to be up past midnight on Jan 30 because of a slow and clunky process for getting 1099s done.